HP Deskjet 1220cse Printer - Imaging Options

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Imaging Options

You can adjust the saturation, brightness, and color tone of printed
images by moving the slider bar on the Imaging



Imaging tab. The saturation

controls the relative purity of printed colors. The brightness darkens or
lightens the printed image. The color tone controls the perceived warmth
and coolness of printed colors.


Grayscale tones print images using only
shades of gray.

Sepia Tone

Sepia tones give your images an antique look
by printing them using only brown and white.

Optimized for Fax

Optimized for Fax prints your images using
high-contrast shades of gray making your
printed document ideal for faxing.

Image Enhancement

Select Image Enhancement if you want your
images enhanced by image processing
algorithms that increase the contrast and
sharpen the image.