HP Deskjet 1220cse Printer - Mac Troubleshooting

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Mac Troubleshooting

Check the power

Make sure the power cord is connected firmly to the printer and
to a working outlet, and that the printer is turned on. The Power
light on the front panel of the printer should be lit.

Check the cable

Make sure the cable you are using is properly connected to the
computer and the printer.

Check the Chooser

Make sure you’ve installed the software to use the printer, and the
printer is selected. The printer’s name should be visible on the left
side of the Chooser. When you click on the printer’s icon, the
printer’s name should be available on the right side of the
Chooser. Select the printer’s name.

Be patient

Complex documents containing many fonts, graphics, and/or
color photos take longer to begin printing. If the Power light is
blinking, the printer is processing information.

Check the USB port

Unplug the printer from the USB port, wait a few seconds, then
plug it back in. If that does not help, try plugging the printer into
another USB port.

Check the condition of the cable

Make sure the cable to your printer is not damaged or frayed. If
it is, contact the manufacturer of the cable and have it replaced.

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